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Mipro - MT-801A-C6 Bodypack Transmitter frequens 830.975

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Mipro - MT-801A-C6 Bodypack Transmitter frequens 830.975
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Mipro MT801A-C6 Lommesender freq. 830975 The Mipro Lommesenderen comes in a compact and robust plastic housing. The input is with 4-pole mini XLR. The device can be used as a switch to your microphone or line signal. It uses two AA batteries and has a service life of up to 24 hours with fully charged batteries. Oscillation Mode: PLL Synthesized Fixed-Frequency Frequency Range: UHF 830.975MHz RF Output Power: 10 ~ 30mW (country dependent) Spurious Emissions: <-55dBc Max. Input Level: 0dBV Microphones: MU-13, MU-23, MU-210, MU-53L, MU-55L, MU-53HN, MU-55HN Battery: 2 AA alkaline Dimensions: 63 (W) × 105 (H) x21 (D) mm / 2.5 (W) x4.1 (H) x0.8 (D) " Weight: Approx. 90g / 3.2oz (excluding batteries) Patents & Approvals: Patented Telecom and Safety Regulations approved Usable microphones: Lavalier (buttonhole microphone): Mipro: MU53L, MU55L and MU55LS Red: Lavalier (use the MiCon-10 adapter.) Single ear microphone: Mipro: MU13 ScanMic: HSC62 (to be used for HSC-T5C adapter) Headset Microphone (Kidney): Mipro: MU53HN, MU53HNS and MU210 Headset microphone (ball): Mipro: MU55HN, MU55HNS and MU23 Red: HS1-P or HS1-B (for this purpose, use the MiCon-10 adapter) Table microphone for mounting in MD101 table stands: Mipro swan neck microphone: MM202 (47 cm), MM202A (13 cm), MM202B (47 cm) and MM202C (60 cm) Guitar Cable: Mipro mini XLR for Jack: MU40G
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