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Mipro ACT-71H wireless handheld microphone frequency 8B = 850-874 MHz - ACT-71H-8B

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Mipro ACT-71H wireless handheld microphone frequency 8B = 850-874 MHz - ACT-71H-8B
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Mipro ACT71H handheld microphone transmitter frequency. 8B = 850 - 874 MHz The Mipro ACT71H has a metal housing with ergonomic design and uses 2 AA batteries. The capsule module can be replaced with either a condenser capsule or a dynamic capsule. The head metal grid (pop filter) protects the capsule from shock and noise and ensures sound clarity. An illuminated LCD display shows all the parameters of the parameters. The microphone offers 5 gain settings with an input sensitivity of 0 dB. You also have the option to switch between mute and High / Low power settings manually. The unit's bottom houses a built-in antenna with power switch, mute and setup buttons that allow gain, limiter, low-cut and RF output power to be programmed.
Frequency Range: UHF 850~874MHz EU Bandwidth: 24MHz Oscillation Mode: PLL Synthesized Channel Set-Up: ACT Sync RF Output Power: 10mW/50mW (switchable) Spurious Emissions: <-55dBc Gain Setting: +6dB, +3dB, 0dB, -3dB, -6dB (5 settings). 0dB= MU-89 microphone sensitivity Max. Input Level: 142dB SPL Battery: 2 AA alkaline Dimensions: 50(Ø)×258(L)mm / 2.0(Ø)x10.1(L)" Weight: Approx. 292g / 10.3oz (excluding batteries) Patents & Approvals Patented. Telecom and safety regulations approved. Notes Refer to actual product in the event of product discrepancy. Frequency range and maximum deviation comply with the regulations of different countries.