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Mapex Storm Fusion trumset med 5 trummor

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Mapex Storm Fusion trumset med 5 trummor

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The Mapex Storm Fusion drum kits offer a complete drum setup for both beginner and professional drummers who need a very portable, easy to assemble and nice-sounding drum kit. The poplar drums have Mapex SONIClear ™, which makes tuning simple, without sacrificing tone. The 20-inch big drum delivers massive bass, but is still a nice size for younger players.

The Mapex Storm Fusion drum kit includes 10 "and 12" bass mounted racktoms, a 14 "floor tom, a 14" snare drum and a 20 "big drum. The smaller drums are ideal for fusion and jazz, but are still large enough to fill the needs of other genres. .

Mapex Storm 5Pc Fusion Drum Kit (20 "x16", 10 "x7", 12 "x8", 14 "x12", 14 "x5"). Floor Tom Legs (x3), TH656, B400 Boom Stand C400 CymbalStand, H400 Hi Hat, S400 Snare Stand
20"X16", 10"x7",12"x8", 14"x12", 14"x5"
400 Double Braced Stands and P400 Bass Drum Pedal
Throne and Remo heads
Super Road Tough Coverings
Single Point Contact Lugs
TH656 Double Tom Holder
Matching Snare Drum
SONIClear™ Bearing Edges